The access at the single screening of the 15th Edition of Biografilm Festival will be possibile for the spectators with regular entrance ticket, within the limit of seats.

All the cards and passes can be collect at the Accreditation Desk.

For further information contact us:


Biografilm Follower is the pass dedicated to the film lovers and fans that year by year follow the activity of Biografilm Festivals.

Biografilm Follower 2019 is now avaible at a special price of € 25,00 instead of € 50,00  

Reserve your Biografilm Follower now

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The Industry Pass has been designed for audiovisual and cinematographic industry professionals, especially for documentary sector. Producers and distributors, commissioning editors, festival programmer, associations and freelance can request this pass. 

It's possible to request an invoice for the purchase of the Industry pass. The invoice request has to be contextually presented (no later then 24 hours) in the moment of the pass purchase sending a mail to

The Pass is a special price of € 50,00 until May 20 instead of € 100,00

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Biografilm Young&Student is the pass dedicated to the new generation, especially young people and students.

Biografilm Young&Student 2018 is avaible at € 5,00 instead of € 10,00  

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Biografilm Welcome aims to improve integration and the moment of dialogue between different cultures and generations, through the active involvement of the cultural realities that are already operating in the city. The project wants to strengthen the relationships between citizens from different background that live in the same neighborhoodsthrough the activation of pathway of social inclusion. It also aims to be an occasion of collective formation with masterclass and meeting with the author. 

Biografilm Welcome pass addresses to asylum seekers and refugees and it offers the access to all screenings paying an entrance ticket of € 2,00 and three full scholarships to take part to the project of Biografilm school. 

All the associations that desire to join the project can email to

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