A whole different story

Tutta un'altra storia 2022 ("A whole different story 2022") is an educational project which promotes social inclusion. It is dedicated to young people experiencing marginalization.

The project proposes many educational activities that use international documentary film as a tool for developing empathy, critical analysis of reality, as well as identification and enhancement of talents. In addition, the youngsters being actively involved as jurors and spectators in the cultural event Biografilm Festival of Bologna, will encourage reintegration into society and dialogue with the outside world. For the first time, they will be asked to judge instead of being judged and will have the opportunity to come into contact with male and female professionals of the international film sector.

Started in 2021 with some kids of the Juvenile detention centre "Pietro Siciliani" in Bologna, from 2022 it has also involved the kids of the Educational Community for minors "Giardino dei Ciliegi" in Imola.

In the present year 2022, the project is being funded by the Ministry of Justice – Department of Juvenile Justice and Community, as part of the initiatives of education to legality, active citizenship and restorative justice provided by the project “Next Generation", with the contribution of the Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna and the support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna.  


A whole different story: Biografilm Festival's social inclusion educational project becomes part of restorative justice and legality education pathways





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