Who Would You Tell?

by Dery Sultana

Contemporary Lives

world premiere

genre: doc

(Australia, Malta / 2022 / 70’)

In October 1960, with the promise of a better future, three young brothers from Malta were separated from their destitute family and sent to Tardun in Western Australia under a child migration scheme. A failed second chance turned into a lifetime of regret, pain and missed opportunities. Fifty years later, Raphael, Peter and Manny reflect on their stolen childhood and how the sexual, emotional and physical abuse they endured shaped their life. Through archive and oral history, we delve back through their memories of abuse, homesickness and severed family ties. Their story unravels the failure of a scheme backed by two states and broken promises of the Catholic organization that received them.


The film will be available online on MYMOVIES on Saturday 18 June at 5pm