Wald:Sinfonie (Forest Symphony)

by Meri Koivisto, Nils Dettmann

Biografilm Art&Music

world premiere

genre: doc

(Germany / 2022 / 70’)

600 kilometers north of Helsinki, in the middle of the Finnish forest, lies the small town of Kuhmo, a typical Finnish small town - with one exception: the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, which turns the small sleepy nest into a metropolis every summer. Musicians populate the streets with their instruments, crowds of people stream from concert to concert, music swirls across the lakes and crackles in the fire. With a great deal of humor Forest Symphony proves that high culture in the Hinterwald is not only possible, but magical. Forest Symphony is a declaration of love to the director’s home town, to the people who live there and above all to the music that enchants everything for a few weeks.