The Story of Film: A New Generation

by Mark Cousins

Cousins: Viaggi nel Grande Cinema


genre: doc

(UK / 2021 / 160’)

Mark Cousins dissects world cinema from 2010 to 2021, and starting with key works from these years, he explores the evolution of cinematic language, the role of technology in contemporary cinema, and the industrial and cultural revolution that cinema is undergoing. From Parasite to Black Panther, Cousins sifts through films, filmmakers, and communities underrepresented in mainstream cinematic histories, with a focus on Asian and Middle Eastern works, but also genres in their continuing evolution. And as the pandemic recedes, Cousins reflects on what lies ahead in the age of streaming: how we have changed as cinephiles, and how cinema will continue to transform in the digital century, to our collective delight and wonder.