Storia di Nessuno (Nobody's Tale)

by Costantino Margiotta

Contemporary Lives

world premiere

genre: doc

(Italy / 2022 / 80’)

In April 2015, Barack Obama announced the death in Pakistan of an Italian volunteer, Giovanni Lo Porto. A Palermo native with a fate that seems already sealed, Giovanni instead manages to spread his wings. He works to pay for his travels and studies, graduates in London, and works for international NGOs. During the last humanitarian mission, he is kidnapped, held captive for three years amid the silence of Italian politics and press, and finally killed in an American counterterrorist operation. Friends and colleagues, journalists and lawyers tell the story of a man who had managed to change his fate and who, after the mission, was supposed to return home to Palermo, to his mother Giusy, who’s still waiting for him, dreaming of hearing his voice again.

In collaboration with WeWorld


The film will be available online on MYMOVIES on Tuesday 21 June at 3pm