Rosso di sera (Red Sky at Night)

by Emanuele Mengotti

Biografilm Italia

world premiere

genre: doc

(Italy, USA / 2022 / 74’)

Las Vegas is the perfect battleground to prove if the American dream still exists. Three characters will try to live their dream during a delicate time in American history. Doctor Mike is fighting the menace of the health crisis; Mindy, a former B-movie actress, is fighting to become the candidate for the Republican Party, and Steve, a homeless dandy who lives in the drainage system under the city, is fighting against the danger of the incumbent rain. The American spirit of the need for freedom, self-affirmation and courage, is truly embodied by these three characters, whose ultimate goal is the only thing that matters, to be achieved by any means.


The film will be available online on MYMOVIES Saturday 18 June at 7pm