Republic of Silence

by Diana El Jeiroudi

Orwa Nyrabia - Diana El Jeiroudi - CELEBRATION OF LIVES AWARD 2022


genre: doc

(France, Germany, Qatar, Syria / 2021 / 183’)

They grew up in the lands of dictators and surveillance, where images are censored, photos are burned, and mouths are kept shut. During the years, they made films, documented their lives, at least what was possible. They recorded sounds at night and in secret, for the senses to complete the image. From what are seemingly scattered images and narratives, a coherent emotive sensitivity emerges, unfolding a singular perspective of history and an attempt to speak what has been silenced. A first person narrative between a personal and intimate perspective and a contemporary and political one. It’s the journeys of a filmmaker and her partner, and of friends, revolutionaries, exiles, activists, filmmakers, lovers, listeners.

In collaboration with Refugees Welcome Bologna