Penelope, mon amour (Penelope, my love)

by Claire Doyon

International Competition

doc - Italian premiere

(France / 2021 / 88’)

For 18 years Claire has been filming Pénélope, her daughter with autism. The film tells of different stages: the shock of the diagnosis, the declaration of war, the abdication of arms, to finally accept and discover a different mode of existence. What place does the body of Pénélope, and in general the body of the autistic person occupy in social space, and what place do we give it? What landscape can cinema invent to design a hospitable space, the dream of a world allowing the invisible to become visible? While Pénélope keeps being what she is, her mother keeps questioning who she is. Probably the answer to the question is precisely in this endless quest.

in collaboration with il Melograno - Centro Informazione Maternità e Nascita