Ostrov - Lost Island

by Svetlana Rodina, Laurent Stoop

Contemporary Lives

Italian premiere

genre: doc

(Switzerland / 2021 / 91’)

The inhabitants of Ostrov Island, in the Caspian Sea, abandoned by the Russian state after the collapse of the Soviet Union, survive thanks to poaching. Once, the inhabitants of the island were three thousand, today there are fifty left. The island has no gas nor electricity, no legal jobs, no doctors nor policemen. Ivan risks his life and freedom every day by going out to sea. He struggles, he has fun, he dances, he fights and he believes that one day Putin will save the island from misery and help them. Sometimes Ivan turns on the generator and watches propaganda on state television. Ivan continues to believe in Putin and Russia's imperial ambitions. His patriotic pride protects him from the misery of everyday life.


The film will be available online on MYMOVIES on Thursday 16 June at 5pm