Nulla di sbagliato (Nothing Wrong)

by Gabriele Gianni

Biografilm Italia

world premiere 

genre: doc

(Italy / 2022 / 77’)

During the pandemic, 300 students of the first year of middle school were given diaries through which they could tell the meaning of the passing of time. Some of them were given a small video camera, to continue to tell their stories within the walls of their homes, where the individual space remains that of a bedroom inaccessible to the adult world. Their torments, confessions and dreams become stages of a journey, alternating with the reflections of their classmates in the classroom and the little big adventures of a daily life marked by isolation. A choral tale of a generation hanging between childhood, abandoned too quickly, and an increasingly uncertain adulthood.

In collaboration with Il Melograno - Centro Informazione Maternità e Nascita


The film will be available online on MYMOVIES on Thursday 16 June at 7pm