Nel nome di Gerry Conlon (In the name of Gerry Conlon)

by Lorenzo Moscia

Contemporary Lives

world premiere

genre: doc

(Italy / 2022 / 82’)

At the height of the conflict in Northern Ireland, Gerry Conlon and three others were wrongly convicted for IRA bombings in Guildford. In 1975 “The Guildford Four” were sentenced to life imprisonment – in one of the biggest judicial errors in Britain. In this intimate documentary, Gerry shares his story of 15 unjustified years in prison and life after release. He speaks about the biopic “In the Name of the Father”, depression, drug use and how he found meaning in life by fighting for others in similar cases of miscarriages of justice. His story has a special relevance at a time when civil and human rights are threatened by the rise of right-wing extremism all over Europe.


The film will be available online on MYMOVIES on Wednesday 22 June at 5pm