Il mondo di Luigi Ghirri

by Gianni Celati

Gianni Celati Poeta del Documentario


genre: doc

(Italy / 1998 / 52’)

With his photographs, Luigi Ghirri taught us to look at things affectively. Gianni Celati collaborated with Ghirri for many years in the study of landscape and in various researches on location. The documentary celebrates the photographer's work through the places he loved most. From the "camera obscura" of the Fontanellato castle, the images take flight on a journey through the countryside of Reggio Emilia, preserving the sense of an ongoing exploration. The plains and architecture typical of those areas, are the key to understanding the spirit of the places, which is manifested when a group of friends gather for an outdoor banquet, on a spring evening, on the banks of the Po River, with a projection of Ghirri's photos...

 This film is included in the BPER Banca playlist "Cinema & Writers" in collaboration con Home Movies