Il canto delle cicale

by Marcella Piccinini

Biografilm Italia

world premiere

genre: doc

(Italy, Turkey / 2022 / 67’)

"We listened to two kinds of music at home. Classical, when Dad was there. And De André and Guccini, who expressed our desire for ideals and freedom. We lived two lives. One with Dad and one when he was away: Natascia, Consuelo, Roberto would come then. The magic would start. You loved Don Milani's motto, 'I care.' You remained a teacher all your life. Now I see you on the smartphone screen. We all live in isolated bubbles that can’t take off and meet. I listen on a loop to the verse from a Patti Smith song, People Have The Power, I only listen to that. I think all the time about ways to shorten our distance, to take you out of that isolation that has engulfed you." One of many stories of struggle, and of the thread that unites people despite everything.


The film will be available online on MYMOVIES on Sunday 19 June at 7pm