Gian Paolo Barbieri. L’uomo e la bellezza (Gian Paolo Barbieri. The man and the beauty)

by Emiliano Scatarzi

Biografilm Art&Music

world premiere

genre: doc

(Italy / 2022 / 75’)

The life of Gian Paolo Barbieri, from his beginnings in Rome, through Cinecittà and Paris to his consecration. With his photographs, Barbieri defined the most important decades of Italian fashion, and created modern fashion photography by bringing the model out of the backdrop and into reality. Many big names in high fashion have paid tribute to him. Always inspired by life, Barbieri brings back the cultural references of art, theater and cinema from which he took sap, light, dimension. Although afflicted by an incurable disease, today Barbieri continues his creative journey, even more inspired. A portrait of a man moved by passion, with endless photo stills of unparalleled artistic value.