Diol Kadd. Vita, diari e riprese in un villaggio del Senegal (Diol Kadd. Life, Diaries and Filming in a Senegalese Village)

by Gianni Celati

Gianni Celati Poeta del Documentario


genre: doc

(Italy / 2010 / 60’)

What’s it like to live in Africa? The festivals, the work, the mating calls, the relationship with neighbors, the religion: like Moravia and Pasolini in the 1970s, Gianni Celati uncovers the essence and appearance of another world. With a light, affectionate, and complicit gaze, he conveys to us the cheerfulness and peace, the splendor of women's dresses during festivals, the swarming of children, the slow and cautious survival of the village of Diok Kadd, where two hundred people live and that is mostly governed by women. There is no idealization, but there is undoubtedly the perception of a "different" time, a time that speaks with the voice of wind, that touches us closely.

 This film is included in the BPER Banca playlist "Cinema & Writers" in collaboration with con Home Movies