30 anni di Cinema a Ponticelli (30 years of Cinema in Ponticelli)

by Isabella Mari

Special Events

world premiere

genre: doc

(Italy / 2022 / 47’)

The story of Arci Movie is also a bit of the story of the last 30 years of Ponticelli, a neighborhood of 50,000 inhabitants on the eastern outskirts of Naples. A story made of testimonies, memories, images, love for culture and for an area that, with the promotion of cinema in the name of sharing, has been able to change its perspective. So many are the well-known faces who took part in the 1990s in the battle to save Cinema Pierrot, a historic theater bound to become a supermarket like so many others. So many activists, educators and citizens who were protagonists of a cinema story that has left marks in the community like few other experiences in the recent history of Naples.