The Films

With over 40 selected films and 25 countries represented, the sixteenth edition of the festival presents a selection of works by both renowned and highly acclaimed filmmakers and also new emerging talents, a cinematic space that is increasingly gender-balanced, with ever-more women in the director’s chair as well as in production and in all other roles.


Join Biografilm Festival online from the 5th to the 15th of June for its sixteenth edition. Create an account for free, book a film and watch the online screening, accessible for 24 hours following the the start time indicated in the programme. 

The films and recorded talks with directors will be available to watch for free in their original languages with Italian subtitles for anyone who connects to the platform from within Italy. 


International Competition


Barzakh (Barzaj)

by Alejandro Salgado (Spain, 2019, 72')

Because of My Body

by Francesco Cannavà (Italy, 2020, 83')

The Earth is Blue as an Orange (Zemlia blakytna niby apel'syn)

by Iryna Tsilyk (Ukraine, Lithuania, 2020, 74') 

Ecstasy (Êxtase)

by Moara Passoni (United States, Brazil, 2020, 72')


by Valentina Pedicini (Italy, 2019, 93')

It Takes a Family (De skygger vi arver)

by Susanne Kovács (Denmark, 2019, 59')

King of the Cruise

by Sophie Dros (Netherlands, 2019, 74')

Noodle Kid (La yi wan mian)

by Huo Ning (China, 2019, 107')

Sing Me a Song

by Thomas Balmès (France, Germany, Switzerland, 2019, 99')

This Train I Ride

by Arno Bitschy (France, Finland, 2019, 77')

Wake Up on Mars (Réveil sur Mars)

by Dea Gjinovci (France, Switzerland, 2020, 74')

Walchensee Forever

by Janna Ji Wonders (Germany, 2020, 110')


Biografilm Italia 


A Marble on a Dell (La pallina sulla conca)

by Francesca Iandiorio (Italy, 2020, 60')

All Together (Tuttinsieme)

by Marco Simon Puccioni (Italy, 2020, 82')

The House of Love (La casa dell'amore)

by Luca Ferri (Italy, 2020, 77')

In a Future April (In un Futuro Aprile)

by Francesco Costabile and Federico Savonitto (Italy, 2019, 80')

Our Road (La nostra strada)

by Pierfrancesco Li Donni (Italy, 2020, 70')

Parola d’onore (Sons of Honour)

by Sophia Luvarà (Italy, Netherlands, 2020, 84')


by Duccio Fabbri (Italy, United States, 2020, 70')

West of Babylonia

by Emanuele Mengotti  (Italy, United States, 2020, 82')


Biografilm Art & Music


Abbas by Abbas

by Kamy Pakdel (France, 2019, 53')

Being Eriko (Erikos verdener)

by Jannik Splidsboel (Denmark, Norway, 2020, 75')

Gli anni che cantano

by Filippo Vendemmiati  (Italy, 2020, 90')

Half Dream (Ban Meng)

by Dandan Liu (Germany, 2019, 86')

Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story

by Posy Dixon (United Kingdom, 2019, 63')

Kubrick by Kubrick (Kubrick par Kubrick)

by Gregory Monro (France, Poland, 2020, 72')

Margaret Atwood: A Word after a Word after a Word is Power

by Peter Raymont and Nancy Lang (Canada, 2019, 92')

My Rembrandt (Mijn Rembrandt)

by Oeke Hoogendijk (Netherlands, 2019, 95')


Contemporary lives


#Unfit - The Psychology of Donald J. Trump

by Dan Partland (United States, 2020, 83')

Always Amber

by Lia Hietala and Hannah Reinikainen (Sweden, 2020, 76')

Angels on Diamond Street

by Petr Lom (Netherlands, Norway, 2019, 88')

Fat Front

by Louise Unmack Kjeldsen and Louise Detlefsen (Denmark, 2019, 87')

The Forum (Das Forum)

by Marcus Vetter (Germany, Switzerland, 2019, 92')

Love Child

by Eva Mulvad (Denmark, 2019, 110')

Merry Christmas, Yiwu

by Mladen Kovačević (Sweden, Serbia, France, Germany, Belgium, Qatar, 2020, 94')

Self Portrait (Selvportrett)

by Katja Hogset, Margreth Olin and Espen Wallin (Norway, 2020, 77')

Termite (Mouriyaneh)

by Masoud Hatami (Iran, 2019, 86')

We Were Not Born Refugees (No nacimos refugiados)

by Claudio Zulian  (Spain, 2020, 82')


Meet The Masters


Irradiated (Irradiés)

by Rithy Panh (France, Cambodia, 2020, 88')

I Walk

by Jørgen Leth (Denmark, 2019, 90')

Master Cheng (Mestari Cheng)

by Mika Kaurismäki (Finland, China, United Kingdom, 2019, 114')