by Benoît Forgeard

Biografilm Europa

(France / 2019 / 107’)

What if the artificial intelligence of Her was a refrigerator? Jerem (William Lebghil, Some like it veiled) is a young rapper who retreats to the suburbs to compose his own first album. But right there the mysterious So (Doria Tillier, Ambassador of Biografilm 2019), who works for the Digital start-up Cool, persuades him to try Yves, a new type of refrigerator equipped with artificial intelligence. Slowly but surely, Yves establishes with Jerem a strange kind of friendship and, showing an unexpected talent for rap, it helps to turn the boy into a real star. Straight from the Cannes Film Festival, an hilarious, almost futuristic comedy. Irresistible. But beware of what you wish for, because one day… it might just come true.