Vittorio Vidali - Io non sono quello che fui

by Giampaolo Penco

Storie Italiane

(Italy / 2019 / 106’)

Vittorio Vidali’s life is an experience reminiscent of watching Kurosawa’s film, Rashomon. As in this film of every event there are more truths and different narratives. Born in Trieste in 1900, we find him in the United States when he organizes demonstrations for the liberation of the anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti, during the Spanish war, when he becomes Commander Carlos, in Mexico where he fights Trotskyism and begins the relationship with Tina Modotti, in Trieste where he opposes Tito's communism, in Rome when he becomes senator of the Italian republic, then he’s back in Trieste when he writes his memoirs and he loves to meet with Claudio Magris.



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