Pugni in faccia

by Fabio Caramaschi

Biografilm Italia

(Italy / 2018 / 95’)

From Rome, Italy... Mirco Ricci!î Itís the voice of the speaker announcing his triumphant entry into the ring: Mirco Ricci, intercontinental WBA (World Boxing Association) and Italian light heavyweight former champion. Having charmed the audience of IDFA, this documentary by Caramaschi (Mircoís teacher at primary schools) narrates his entire path from childhood to adulthood, across the gym, disco, social housing, meetings in the ring and fights, outlining the naked and raw portrait of a man and his struggle to find a place in the world. The affection between Fabio and Mirco highlights his strenght and fragility, reminding us that everyone is special - but that no one is invincible.


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