Once Aurora

by Stian Servoss, Benjamin Langeland

Biografilm Art&Music

(Norway / 2019 / 70’)

“Every time I write a song, I lose parts of myself.” Aurora grew up far from the city, in the Norwegian woods and fjords. But at the age of eighteen everything changed: she became an internationally renowned pop star, of all-absorbing success. Nevertheless Aurora follows her music, waltzing through the empty rooms of a villa on the peripheries of the world and getting lost in frenetic trance-like dancing on stage, almost like a modern-day Loïe Fuller. When she sings, everything around her stops. But when the lights go out, behind the stage, the charismatic prodigy girl is swallowed up by a dark and melancholic shadow. To the syncopated rhythm of her experimental music, watching this film means indulging in a totalising journey into the soul of a genius.