Noci Sonanti

by Damiano Giacomelli, Lorenzo Raponi

Biografilm Italia

(Italy / 2019 / 78’)

One walnut in a sack doesnít make a sound, but many walnuts together create music. It is with this mindset that Fabrizio founded, in 1986, his ìtribe of resounding walnutsî: an old farmhouse nestled in the green hills of Marche, where he lives with his son Siddharta using solely natural resources. But they donít seem very different from the rest of the world: even without the superstructures and schemes of ìcivilizationî, they have to face the everyday problems of growing-up, the everlasting conflict between parents and children. A worldwide premiere, the first work of Giacomelli and Raponi is a slap to the conscience that allows us to spy through the wooden shutters of a window overlooking the life of two free men.  



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