Midnight Traveler

by Hassan Fazili

International Competition

(Qatar, Canada, USA, UK / 2019 / 86’)

"Hell is other people." It's a child’s voice that quotes the words of Jean-Paul Sartre, as the screen fills up with the first images of Midnight Traveler, an extraordinary example of cinéma vérité at the time of the rebirth of nationalism. Since the Taliban put a price on the head of her father, director Hassan Fazili, she and her family have been travelling to Europe. Through the shaky footage of a mobile phone, the director tells first-hand the tragedy of those who are forced to flee their country in search of something that might not be there anymore. But for the young protagonist, hell is just an obstacle on the road to a new life. Special Jury Award at Sundance, a priceless testimony with the power to move and stir consciences.