Luther Blissett - Informati, credi, crepa

by Dario Tepedino

Biografilm Art&Music

(Italy / 2019 / 58’)

1994. A bunch of faceless artists make fun of national newspapers... and they're all Luther. In the corners of Bologna in the 1990s, the fictitious face of Luther Blissett appears, named after the Milan striker, but it's a pseudonym. Because Luther Blissett is above all a space in which to experiment, a laboratory of freedom for a large network of performers, irreverent actors of sabotages, performances, events, publications, radio broadcasts and, above all, what today we would call fake news. The irresistible documentary that tells the story of the undertakings of the collective from which today's Wu Ming was formed: a visionary cultural movement that wanted to unmask the hypocrisy of the Media. And it succeeded.


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