The Batman

by Emanuele Angiuli

Biografilm Art&Music

(Italy / 2019 / 55’)

Emanuele Angiuli is nostalgic. That's why he recovers his own screenplay, written in the 70s with an Olivetti 22 - and starts working on it once again. So, without realising it, evoking the scenario of a dark Bologna, the one of the "anni di piombo" (the Bologna all drugs and bombs) Emanuele and his friends create a docu-fiction in an hallucinating comic-like style, full of "vintage vibes". The protagonists are two ramshackle superheroes, but Bologna is also transformed: in a futuristic dimension where anything can happen, Batman and Robin are in the grip of psychic delusions and fight the various authoritarianisms... such as boredom. On the trail of a past that has never been so relevant.