Kentannos ¡Que vivas 100 años!

by Victor Cruz

Contemporary Lives

(Italy, Argentine / 2019 / 81’)

Only God knows the secret to eternal life.... or maybe not. Someone else seems to have discovered the key to it: a mother with 80-year-old children, a cop who gives salsa classes, a retired pilot who dreams of flying, a group of dancing Japanese ladies, a man and a woman who have been holding each other's hands all their lives. They’re simple people, but their bodies show a thousand wrinkles while preserving a rare liveliness, as their voices tell of ancient memories. From the boundless forests of Costa Rica, through the Sardinian pastures, up to a dance school in Okinawa, Víctor Cruz gives life to a triptych that touches the theme of old age and captures the flow of time, immortalizing the more spontaneous and genuine side of  everyday life.



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