Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life

by Tomer Heymann

International Competition

(Israel, Germany / 2018 / 106’)

"Somebody told me I'm the Marilyn Monroe of porn. I hope I can end up like that: only then the world can see me as a legend." Jonathan Agassi is one of the most famous stars in the gay porn industry. His real name is Yonatan Langer, but after being spotted on the streets of Tel Aviv, Agassi is the identity that saved his life. From clubbing in Berlin to family Sundays, Jonathan toys with the fantasies of his fans - and, why not, also his own. But behind the mask of his full pecs, something doesn't quite add up. There's a man who doesn't cry, who numbs his pain with a borderline lifestyle. The man behind the star, imprisoned by that freedom he has been chasing all his life.


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