I Had A Dream

by Claudia Tosi

Biografilm Italia

(Italy, France / 2018 / 84’)

A woman, once she reaches her fifties, becomes invisible to men. This is the cry of Daniela and Manuela: so much more than two politicians, they're the warriors  protagonists of Claudia Tosi's film. A meta story which travels back in time all the way to the Elections of 2008: both at local level, following Daniela's run for City Council of Carpi, and national level, with Manuela's seat in Rome, as the Honourable Member of the Italian Parliament. In a society ruled by Berlusconism - and by a policy that falls into old, stale gender stereotypes - the two women have no choice but to take sides and face a battle that is still, unfortunately, more important than ever. Without losing the strength to be full-fledged lionesses.


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