Gods of Molenbeek

by Reetta Huhtanen

Best of Fest

(Germany, Finland, Belgium / 2019 / 73’)

The neighborhood of Molenbeek, Brussels, was painted by the press as a den of jihadists. But for Aatos and Amine it's just home. Familiar pathways and parks where the two children listen to the insects' conversations, go on a magic carpet ride, wander around carefree. But in the background of their colorful childhood looms the sinister shadow of a brutal reality, which explodes when terrorists detonate a bomb in the area. Reetta Huhtanen's first feature film adopts the unaware point of view of children; so that, even in a world thrown into chaos by terrorism, to imagine the face of a God is just one of the many leaps of imagination. An innocent game, not scary at all.