Divino amor

by Gabriel Mascaro

Biografilm Worldwide


(Uruguay, Denmark, Norway, Chile / 2019 / 101’)

Joana's 42 years old, she works in a notary office and she's a devout Evangelical Christian. After work, she's on a mission: using her knowledge of the Doctrine to help couples in crisis. That's why she invites them to attend the meetings of the "Divine Love" group, whose  goal is to bring couples to rediscover sexual pleasure as a source of rapprochement and an alternative to divorce. While Joana's waiting for a sign to confirm her efforts, tables will turn and her own marriage will have to deal with a difficult crisis, a situation that will ultimately lead her to an even closer contact with God. From Brazilian director Gabriel Mascaro (Orizzonti Award in Venice in 2015 for Neon Bull), an engaging and visionary film.