Deux Fils

by Félix Moati

Biografilm Europa

(France, Belgium / 2018 / 90’)

A father and his two sons, identical in their manners, displaying the same ruffled hair. A viscerally united family, yet resting on a delicate balance. While everything suggests that love is a simple matter, the three protagonists seem to be too caught up in themselves to realize what's  going on around them. With incredible tenderness, the first work by Félix Moati (Some like it veiled) untangles a knot of repressed emotions and unspoken truths, by analyzing the concept of family from an original male point of view. A romantic comedy led by Benoît Poelvoorde (protagonist of The brand new testament), in which it's possible to catch a glimpse of an everyday life teeming with dreams and hopes.



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