Cold Case Hammarskjöld

by Mads Brügger

International Competition

(Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium / 2019 / 128’)

A string of post-its hangs on the wall of a hotel room. They're written by Mads Brügger, a journalist and filmmaker famous for his provocations. He is on the trail of a mystery: a plane crash dating back to 1961, in which the Secretary of the United Nations Dag Hammerskjöld, a man who fought for the freedom of the Congo against the interests of the European powers, lost his life. But someone has been trying to sweep the matter under the carpet... Following the rhythm of relentless tapping of a typewriter, this startling film-inquiry (Directing Award in World Cinema Documentary at Sundance) digs between reality and forgeries without resorting to conspiracy theories and suppositions, but rather bringing to light facts and evidence whose validity has been confirmed by the world's leading newspapers.

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