Cinecittà - I mestieri del cinema. Bernando Bertolucci: No end travelling

by Mario Sesti

Biografilm Art&Music

(Italy / 2019 / 52’)

The latest interview with the great Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci. There's no need to add anything else. Leafing through old photos, shaded remembrances re-emerge, like memories in the air. The author, who made his first film at the age of twenty, looks with sweet irony at the years of his youth. The party with Patti Smith, those dinners with Moravia and Pasolini, Francis Ford Coppola who falls in love with Il conformista and even that time when he made indigestion of oysters with Godard! Presented at the Cannes Film Festival, Mario Sesti's documentary contains the soul of a genius, an icon of cinema who tells the story of his work on set, his crazy love for the French New Wave and the amazing circus of the Art of Cinema.


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