Celles qui restent

by Ester Sparatore

Biografilm Italia

(Italy, France, Belgium / 2019 / 90’)

They’re mothers without children, furious women, hollowed out by pain and kept on their feet solely by the thirst for justice. Each day they stand by the Ministry of the Interior and the Italian Embassy in Tunisi,choking in their throats a desperate cry, hands clasped on the photos of their missing loved ones: husbands, daughters, brothers and sisters who left during the Arab Spring, embarking on a desperate journey towards Europe that made them disappear into thin air. The women of the association "La Terre Pour Tous" have tried every way: legal action, protests, hunger strikes, some of them died by setting themselves on fire. They've knocked on all doors.  Still no one answers. But mothers don't forget: they are the ones who resist.


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