Celle que vous croyez (Il mio profilo migliore)

by Safy Nebbou

Biografilm Europa

(France / 2019 / 101’)

Claire's 50 and a single mother. One day she has an idea: to spy on a lover,she creates a fake Facebook profile. Now she's Clara, a young girl of 24, charming and attractive. But love is just around the corner... when she least expects it, she meets Alex online and they immediately click. Suddenly, the flirtatious game becomes reality: chatting on WhatsApp and spending nights on the phone, looks like Claire's back to the days of her youth and she realizes that, although born of lies, the feeling that bloomed is true. Adapted from the novel by Camille Laurens, Juliette Binoche is the star of a love affair in the era of social networks. The unique portrait of a woman grappling with a newfound happiness.


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