by Giacomo Abbruzzese

Biografilm Italia

(Italy, France / 2019 / 58’)

Born in Greece, bred in Venice, married in Taranto and killed in New York, where he lived for twenty years grappling with the American dream. Carried by the notes of Billy Joel and gangster movie scenarios, Giacomo Abbruzzese dives into the past of a New York in the midst of its ë60s, to reconstruct the story of his grandfather Claudio. But chasing his ghost, the young director makes some unepected meetings: like the one with his grandfatherís Puerto Rican American companion, to portray the extreme rarity of a mixed couple in the USA at the time. The testimonies of his American and Italian families outline the silhouettes of a mysterious figure on the run from pain. The portrait of a man that perhaps no one has ever really known.