That Summer

Biografilm Art&Music

(Danimarca, Svezia, Stati Uniti / 2017 / 80’)


That summer in 1972, in Montauk, there were Andy Warhol and his factory, Truman Capote, Bianca Jagger and Lee  Radziwill, the little sister of Jacqueline Kennedy. This strange group was there to visit the ex First Lady’s eccentric aunt: Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale - Big Edie for her friends - and her daughter, Little Edie, who were living in the Grey Gardens estate. Lee and her boyfriend Peter Beard wanted to shoot a documentary about the Hamptons area and they called their friends, the Maysles brothers, to work on the project together. That Summer shows those days footage, a glam and melancholic backstage of the film that made Beales famous: two aristocratic women confined in a huge house full of cats and racoon.