Jean-Claude Izzo - Mediterraneo Noir

Biografilm Art&Music

( / 2018 / 54’)

Which is the legacy left from JeanClaude Izzo? Twenty years after his death, Paolo Borraccetti and his troupe explore Marseilles, spying its underworld and its citizens’ habits, to find what shaped Izzo’s taste. Poet and journalist, he was one of the biggest name of the Mediterranean Noir genre, as much as Camilleri and Vázquez Montalbán. . Leafing through the pages of Jean-Claude Izzo’s most famous novels, Fortunato Cerlino (Don Pietro Savastano in Gomorrah) rediscovers one of the most important authors of the Twentieth Century and kindly narrates the incredible “kaleidoscope of values, but also of beauty delighted by simplicity.”