by Teemu Nikki

Biografilm Europe

(Finlandia / 2017 / 85’)

Veijo lives in a dark forest. He is a mysterious man and he doesn’t have many friends, but everybody knows him: he is the dreadful “euthanizer”, who in the dark of
his laboratory offers a low-cost alternative to the euthanasia in veterinary clinics. Veijo doesn’t love people but he has a strong empathy for animals and he lives following
his own ethic code. After the success of Lovemilla, Teemu Nikki comes back to Biografilm with a peculiar movie, a sort of thriller with black-comedy. Mixing different
genres, Euthanizer talks about vengeance and put on a show full of violence. In the grotesque universe of Veijo, alterning comic moments to noir atmosphere, nobody can escape the law of Karma.

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