Alla salute

by Brunella Filì

Biografilm Italy

( / 2018 / 75’)

“Can one be happy despite being gravely ill?” This is the question that Nick Difino, a famous food performer, is asking himself after he has been diagnosed with cancer. Nevertheless, Nick doesn’t want to give up to what makes him happy: his job, his beloved ones… and food. Luckily, lifelong friends are on his side: not just common friends but chef and artists from all over Italy! Simone Salvini, Roy Paci, Paola Maugeri…Interchanging their voices to the main character video-tale, these special guests cook Nick’s favorite dishes, trying - between glasses of wine and some eggplant parmesan- to answer the same question. Besides, as Nick says: “happiness can be found everywhere… it’s better if you find it at the table!”

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