Vai col liscio. L'epopea del liscio romagnolo in tre atti - Primo Episodio

by Giangiacomo De Stefano, Matteo Medri

Biografilm Music

(Italy / 2017 / 108’)

A ballroom story: liscio, the soundtrack of Emilia Romagna. Starting in the second half of the 19th century, it went on to draw in the most unexpected artists, including Jovanotti and Vinicio Capossela. During that time, Italy changed drastically and with it the Riviera, a space of cement and tourism, shifting its sense of modernity. But what life separates, dance can bring together, demonstrated by the success of great orchestras such as that of Raoul Casadei and the famous Castellina Pasi, and the liveliness of the liscio scene that welcomes everyone, from music historians to innovators. This film is a true epic of waltz and mazurka, narrated by the voices and swirling bodies of its protagonists: the tale of a party that hasn’t stopped in over a century.

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