SHOT! The psycho-spiritual mantra of rock

by Barnaby Clay

Biografilm Music

(Stati Uniti, Regno Unito / 2016 / 91’)

Drugs, sex, broken taboos, neon lights and music to max... The celebrity photographer Mick Rock has lived through the rise of artists such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Queen. Master of glamour and of the gaze, he was able, thanks to his plastic and glass retina, to capture the most intimate and transgressive moments because he was part of the group, not a just a spectator. And he ended up becoming an icon himself, making his own existence a spectacle. This film, presented as one big photographic set, experiments daringly with colour, contrast and exposure, and seems to be crying out: life is a crazy, dizzying ride. It’s beautiful to behold, like a cheerful grimace that with a click can be salvaged from the passing of time.

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