Quand j'étais Cloclo

by Stefano Knuchel

International Competition

(Svizzera / 2017 / 107’)

They survived alcohol, drugs, jail, and depression: Stefano Knuchel introduces us to his family, who since the 1960s have given him a rather particular education: one of extravagance and hedonism. He shares with us the story of his life, reconstructing his identity through the bittersweet journey: life on the road escaping after his father's various scams, the colourful relatives, the nightclubs and the magic, but also the uncertainty and the lack of a moral compass. To reinterpret his childhood, he takes on the guise of French singer Claude François a.k.a Cloclo, a role that lets his talent shine but also highlights his split personality. A film that is eccentric, funny, melancholic, full of life and contradictions.

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