by Giacomo Abbruzzese, Angelo Milano

Biografilm Art

(Italy, Francia / 2017 / 57’)

Hunger: the need to eat, famine, a strong desire. This term lends itself to the title of Fame Festival, a revolutionary event that from 2008 to 2012 brought to Grottaglie the biggest street artist in the world, from Blu to Conor Harrington, from Ericailcane to Os Games, from Escif to Vhils. Thanks to the festival, born from Angelo Milano’s passion for street art at a time when it had not yet been commonly accepted, the walls of Grottaglie were coloured with graffiti and the town transcended into something new. Giacomo Abruzzese and Angelo Milano bring us to discover that incredible experience, the last magical moment of unpredictability and vandalism of what is now called street art.