by Pascale Lamche

Contemporary Lives

(Francia, Paesi Bassi, Sudafrica / 2017 / 98’)

Winnie Madikizela Mandela, Nelson Mandela's wife for 38 years, an activist for her party, a fighter for the South African people’s freedom from apartheid. But she has also been charged with murder, suspected of kidnapping and censored for speaking in favour of torture. Does cause ever justify the means? In this complex film, full of unpublished interviews and materials, director Pascale Lamche bravely takes on the challenge of shining a light on the dark shadows of the story of a woman who has been trying to answer that very question, a warrior of a revolt that accepts no compromises. And while her husband Nelson is remembered as a hero, she was ostracised and held in contempt by her people and the world media