The hate destroyer

by Vincenzo Caruso

Biografilm Italy

(Italy, Germania / 2017 / 52’)

German neo-Nazis have plastered Berlin with posters of her face calling for her death. Her photography exhibitions have travelled across Europe. Who is Irmela Mensah-Schramm? A sixty-five-year-old woman from Berlin who, one morning in 1985 on her way to work, saw a racist sticker on a wall and that evening scraped it off with her keys. Ever since, she continues on a daily basis to erase homophobic and racist graffiti, after having documented them. She’s alone and risking her neck, but Irmela has already survived cancer and a difficult past, and she refuses to yield. This is her story, as well as our own: that of a Europe that is becoming ever more violent by the day, but in which the simple and revolutionary act of those who stand up and say "no" can still make a difference.

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