Rumble: the indians who rocked the world

by Catherine Bainbridge, co- director: Alfonso Maiorana

Biografilm Music

(Canada / 2017 / 102’)

"Be proud of being an Indian, but mind who tell you." This was the advice that the Mohawk elders of his mother's tribe gave to legendary guitarist Jaime Robbie Robertson. The Native American musical tradition, like that of African-Americans with which it has often been blended, has helped American music conquer the world. The rock guitars of Link Wray and Jesse Ed Davis, Charley Patton’s blues, Mildred Bailey's jazz voice, the song writing of Peter La Farge and Buffy Sainte-Marie. And Jimi Hendrix, the greatest of them all, with his Cherokee blood. Bainbridge and Maiorana’s documentary, winner of the Sundance 2017 Special Jury Prize, brings us into contact with the cultural roots that belong to us too, deep and often dismissed, cut off. But unforgettable.

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