by Teemu Nikki

Biografilm Europe

(Finlandia / 2015 / 95’)

Milla lives in her parent’s house with Aimo, her chubby body-builder boyfriend. They’re teenagers but they already wok at a fast food joint in order to get their own place. But their savings go up in smoke when Aimo uses them to buy some mechanical prostheses to beef him up, in the attempt of achieving a machismo that would vanquish his insecurities, and their relationship also goes up in smoke. Aimo deals with this by replacing his heart: with a cold, metallic substitute. Can Milla still save him? Adolescence and its uncertainties, the effort of living and growing – these are exploded and capsized in this irresistible teen drama, full of wacky characters (including zombie alcoholic parents), a sharp parody of our individual and collective ills.