Il principe di Ostia Bronx

by Raffaele Passerini

Biografilm Italy

(Italy / 2017 / 60’)

"For all the kicks up the butt that I got from society, I put myself on a pedestal and declared myself the Prince." Dario Galetti Magnani’s ‘kingdom’ is the nudist beach of Capocotta, Ostia, where for the last twenty years, clad in his thousands of swimming suits and with a radio on his shoulder, he paces the shoreline coming out with imprimptu irreverent monologues. His love for cinema exudes from every corner of his dominion, a truly kitsch stronghold that also hosts Maury, ‘The Duchess’ – complicit in his folly – and the two form pair of failed actors. Between diary and dream, a dazed film that celebrates the richness of living on the margins, and its surprising opportunities for redemption.